RC2 ios run on device - missing build files

This used to be ok for RC1 (I had built and run on an ios device).

The issue is that when I run the app in the ios emulator it works fine. However when I use the command

ionic run ios --device

The app does not run on the device. When I look in the directory platforms/ios/build/device I see that the symlink to the app is broken. When I look at the path in sym link I see that the InstallationBuildProductsLocation directory does not exist.

Anyone have any ideas?

FYI - I have removed the ios platform and re-added it and the same issue happens.


I found the solution. The issue was the latest version of Cordova and the ionic build/run. When I went back to 6.2.0 of Cordova then the ionic run command worked for the ios device.

FYI - the alternative if you want the latest Cordova is to run it from Xcode…