RC0 FabContainer question

The new FabContainer is awersome and now I want to close it when fab buttons are clicked.

I tried to use the exemple found in the doc ( http://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/api/components/fab/FabContainer/) but it’s not working.

For exemple with doFn(fab: FabContainer){}, I get :
[ts] Cannot find name ‘FabContainer’
[ts] Parameter ‘fab’ of public method from exported class has or is using private name ‘FabContainer’

Did I forgot to import something in my .ts file ?

Thanks for your help.

No one can help me with this problem ? :frowning2:
The documentation is a little “light” for me to undestand how to make a close function for my FabContainer.

How can other people know if you forgot something in your code if you don’t show us your code? Did you import FabContainer?

You are right, I totaly forgot to import FabContainer … :wink: ,Thanks

what is the right way to import FabContainer? i dont find this line in the docs…

import { FabContainer } from ‘ionic-angular’;

How to close fab list When I click outside of the fab button