Random unwanted padding on content

Hi, there’s probably a very simple solution but I’ve been trying for hours but can’t get rid of some random white space/padding/margin between the title and my content.

The only thing I could see that might have been causing it was the “top:44px” value set on the has-header class. I reduced it, which helped in Chrome but when I run the app in the emualtor it’s still there.

So with the has-header class’s top value reduced to 20px, in chrome it looks perfect.

But in the emulator I still have this random gap?


<ion-content class="has-header" has-bouncing="false" has-padding="false">
<form ng-submit>

Does anyone have any ideas? I’m stumped…


Ionic adds a platform specific class to the body when it runs on a simulator or device. In the case of iOS that class is .platform-ios6 or .platform-ios7.

To see exactly which class is causing your specific issue, run your app in a simulator or on device via Xcode, open up Safari dev tools and inspect page.

Sweet!! Thank you, will take a look!