We are getting “QuotaExceededError” errors logged for some of our Android users - I’m assuming this is localStorage failing due to device space etc.

When we built the app we never added the cordova-sqlite-storage plugin but from googling the issue it seems this might solve the problem i.e the app is trying to use indexedDB and if we were to add the plugin it will be able to use SQLite.

I want to make sure that once the plugin is added that storage continues to work for all unaffected users (all our iOS users + the 95% of our Android users that are not having the issue) i.e when the app starts up after upgrading it will retrieve their old IndexedDB values.

Is this simply a case of putting IndexedDB first in the driveOrder in app.module.ts ??? And, if we have IndexedDB first, will it fail-over to SQLite for the users that currently do get the QuotaExceededError? Anyone know?