Quickstart with Ionic.io analytics error

I have created a new app with 'ionic start myApp io’ and setup the ID and API key. When I serve the app I get the error "Unknown provider: $ionicAnalyticsProvider <- $ionicAnalytics <- AnalyticsCtrl”.

I have already tried to add ‘ionic.service.analytics’ to my modules which seem to be missing. But then I get another error: “Uncaught TypeError: $ionicApp.getApiWriteKey is not a function”

What am I missing here? Thank you very much.

Figured it out thanks to Ionic analytics - just set up and it does not get api analyics server. I was using outdated lib files for ionic-service-core etc. It would be great to add a bower.json to your sample project :wink:

I had to add ‘ionic.service.analytics’ to the loaded app modules.