Questions on ionic2 styling on Android? [newbie]

Here’s a small snapshot cut of my first GUI trials with Ionic2. I have several questions about this.

All items are <ion-item> in a <ion-list inset> inside <ion-content> of a @page (basically the tabs template).


  • When clicking in the clear or save buttons, there’s no visual feedback. How can I add visual feedback (e.g. to avoid that a user clicks twice)?

  • How can I add a frame around the elements (next to Delay and Arrival time:) to hint the user that these elements can be manipulated?

  • How can I add a small button (<button outline small>) inside the <ion-item-divider light>Actual route times: </ion-item-divider> that is right aligned on the right edge of the <ion-item-divider>?

  • While the whole <ion-list> fits inside the device’s display dimensions, when the user clicks on the <ion-input> near the bottom, all elements scrolls up; most disappear above the display’s top, while the bottom half of the display becomes empty. Is there a way to avoid this unnecessary scroll behaviour on larger screen displays? I think a user prefers all elements stay visible if the screen size permits this.

  • inset seems not to work for <ion-label> (see difference with the text and buttons that do inset a bit). How and where can I correct this?

  • There’s a small vertical offset between the <ion-label> and its associated <ion-input> when the input’s type is date or time. Notice that it’s ok for the type number. How and where can I correct this?

  • While the list’s width is large enough, the <ion-label> width seems truncated unnecessary. I’d like the elements that are “manipulatable” to be all right aligned on the list’s right’s edge. Any idea how I can accomplish this?

If some questions are defects in ionic2, can I enter an issue in github?Or is this something the user of the ionic2 library is supposed to handle?