Questions about ionic beta and migration

Hello there

I received a mail about ionic 2 a few days ago which implies that i should migrate my project to ionic beta. And Ionic Platform Alpha Deprecation Notice. So ı just wanna ask a question about that because it’s not clear for me.

I am new to ionic platform and ı just started to use it a month ago. I developed a small app which you can watch videos (which links return from mvc web api),browse through pictures provided by same api. Video and photo upload. Comment system and stuff. I don’t use push notifications or anything else. I mostly used cordova plugins and pure angular/ionic code on that project.
So my question is should i migrate my application which is already in the google play. Or deprecation notice is just about push notification services. Please respond me quickly.

Thank you.

I have same question .Will anyone respond me.What is the steps to migrate to ionic beta version and is it stable ?