QRCode scanner for Cordova under Angular 12

My Ionic 5 project uses Angular 12 and Cordova, now I need to scan QR-Codes (for covid green pass)

I tried GitHub - zxing-js/ngx-scanner: Angular (2+) QR code, Barcode, DataMatrix, scanner component using ZXin but doesn’t install with Angular 12
I tried GitHub - bitpay/cordova-plugin-qrscanner: A fast, energy efficient, highly-configurable QR code scanne but it doesn’t work well on Android 11 and latest iOS versions

All blog posts found are outdated or simply no longer valid for new version of Android

I can’t downgrade to other Angular versions

Any hints?

Capacitor an option for you?

There are also js based scanners

No, must be cordova

I can google to find js scanners but then I must test them under angular 12 + ionic 5, may you give me some name for components working well?

I have taken the js implementation from the capacitor code

Fairly easy to adapt into any web project imho. And curated fairly recently

I will try to dig on capacitor code, thanks

Apologies, I cant find the code anymore and I am not behind my pc

Maybe try How to Build a PWA QR Code Scanner with Ionic for iOS & Android | Devdactic - Ionic Tutorials?

I remember again - I took the js code from the cordova plugin as published on ionic site

Here another example ula-holder-workshop/scan-qr.page.ts at 39bad758893537850becb9f83b8e8f55115951b0 · Tommertom/ula-holder-workshop · GitHub

(Not my code)

Ok thanks, I will try to make something with this code