QR code scanner add menu options

I am using ng-cordova QR Code scanner. Its working fine but i want to know how can we insert setting menu when QR code open for scanning is it possible i add some options when scanner is open?

Thank you.

insert setting menu? what do you mean?

if you wan to edit the layout of barcode scanner, then go to res layout then capture.xml i think

Ok i want to change the layout of barcode scanner so how can it possible please help.

just had the pleasure, needed to add a visual back button because the we put our android devices in protection cases for museums :wink:

For android:
If you just want to change the layout you can find the capture.xml in your android platform directory under res->layout

if you have to add functionality I think there is no other solution than to do it in native, are you iOS or android or both?

  1. you have to open the qr scanner library project that comes with the plugin (for me it was with eclipse)
  2. do the modifications,
  3. export the library and replace it in your ionic android project

for someone who hasn’t done any java in 2 years it was quite the experience :wink:

Hope this helps.