QHD Displays - Title and other elements not alligned properly


I am using a Galaxy Note 4 as device test for my applications and i noticed that some elements like the header bar title, footer bar title and other elements are not alligned properly. Even if i change some css style the situation doesn’t change at all.
Is there a bug or something that I don’t know about?

@mhartington :smile:


Any way you could provide a screen shot at all?
Since we’re dealing with a webview with a viewport meta, and using css px, we shouldn’t be effect by the device resolution.


Sure here’s the screenshot… Hope it helps.


@mhartington is there any news about this issue? :frowning:


Hmm, have you changed any of the font sizes? I tested this on a note 4 as well and things lined up correctly


I haven’t changed any font size. And that’s the strange thing. On my other device ( nexus 5 ) header and footer text is perfectly alligned. What version of android have you been testing on? @mhartington


I’ve been using the nightly builds.


Wait. Android nightly builds?


Derp, I missed the word ‘android’, thought you meant Ionic.
I’m running android 5.1


The same problem on Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 5.1)…