PWA Toolkit example - SRC vs Build errors

I just tried the PWA Toolkit example and I need a little bump start on error checking.

Running it throws this error on the Profile page:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'pushManager' of undefined
    at navigator.serviceWorker.getRegistration.then (app-profile.js:41)
    at <anonymous>

It is not the error so much that I am confused about but the reference to the app-profile.js:41

The JS file is rendered in the build ( it does not exist in the SRC ).
The line number 41 in the app-profile.JS is on line number 46 in the app-profile.TSX file.

As the line numbers do not match the SRC files, this could really be a pain when using console to develop/error check with.

What is the recommended way to either get around this or use an alternative?

I am also getting the same error on console suggest if you found any solution

The error from my understanding is because it’s referencing a service worker object/method, but since the service worker is not initialized in a dev build it returns undefined