[PWA] Cookie consent?

Since PWA are served thru the web, should a cookie consent be displayed over a progressive web app?

Maybe a silly question but I don’t know, it popped in my mind :wink:

I think the question is unrelated to technology but the fact that u r using cookies (at all). I recollect that is what law is about

Ask a lawyer or wait for your first lawsuit

But at least dont forget to post the outcome so we can have good laugh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Of course it isn’t technology related, but PWA related. Thought maybe some user of the forum may had clear that up already


Pwa in my definition is a technology

The law is about usage irrespective of technology

So your question is the same as “if i use cookies do i need consent?”

And indeed it will be interesting if someone consulted a lawyer on a specific pwa use case

I was speaking about pwa in the point of view “serving an app thru the web respectively thru the browser” and was thinking about the different flow about accessing a website “vs” getting an app thru the app/play stores

Basicalle, website = cookie consent banner with ok button “vs” stores = display a link to terms of use which you accept by downloading the app

PWA is somewhere in the middle therefore I was asking my self or asking if someone already knew the answer clearly

You do need a cookie policy if you are using cookies in your PWA. Google analytics/3rd party tools also apply.

interesting, what’s your source for that affirmative statement?

Cookie policies are required when you do store cookies on the users browser. I’m assuming you’d be using cookies before the user decides to add your app to home screen.

I don’t believe that adding it to homescreen will remove it from the browser environment and have it operate as a native app (you’ll need to double check on that).

If you’re looking to have a PWA without a cookie consent/policy present, you’d have to launch it without using any cookie functionality from yourself or 3rd party sources. You’ll also need to double check whether using alternative browser-storage methods qualify as “cookies” (Talking ionic storage: websql, localstorage, etc.).

If you have a look at PayPal’s cookie policy you’ll notice they highlight the use of “web beacons” and “similar technologies” which include localstorage.

I’m agree with you to some extension, thx for the input

We this is some amazing informative stuff related to cookie consent here.