[pwa] Barcode reader without cordova

I need to read a bar code and qr code with a Ionic application, but my application isn’t use cordova. is a PWA application only with Ionic 3 and Angular 4
Is that possible ?

What barcode type? UPC / 3 of 9 / QR

Are you targeting android / iOS?

How many users?

hi @Judgewest2000, is a 2 of 5 barcode
my target are both, because is a progressive web application (pwa).
at this moment, i’ve no users because is a development application .

I have been down this road and it did not work out.

You can try the Js libraries that attempt to find the barcodes and find they’re not good.

You could also upload the images of barcodes to a backend but of course that’s slow and requires a decent internet connection and there’s no way of just knowing if it’ll work, versus one of the native plugins which scans the image from the camera like 25 times a second till it finds one.

Also you have problems with people like Apple when attempting full screen apps, taking photos doesn’t work since ios11 they’ve screwed it up.

In other words, please don’t waste your time. Do it as a proper app with the barcode plugin.

hi @Judgewest2000 many thanks for your time and your answer.
unfortunately, i’ve decide to get out of this road too.
i’ve a qr code reader and thats work fine. should be great to my client.


QR codes are much more forgiving - but don’t forget my other point re dealing with iOS 11 on a full screen web app, it won’t work currently re taking a photo, been broken since it came out.

If you’re not planning on a full screen web app then… have fun!