Put color in a label

Hello everyone!
I have a problem.
I need to put the label ION-NOTE color. In item.color I can put the color in itself, as well as ‘true’ or ‘false’. How can I put the color to this label? Thank you very much

        <ion-icon name='ios-home' item-start></ion-icon>
          <ion-note item-end style="color:'item.color'">{{ item.descripcion }}</ion-note>

Go to the $color array is defined in your src/theme/variables.scss file. All these variables are imported automatically.
Declare like this
$colors: (
primary: #488aff

and put the color name like primary

<ion-note item-end color="primary ">{{ item.descripcion }}</ion-note>

I hope your problem will fixed
Good Luck