PushNotiifcations - Android - "notification" + "data" message

I am using PushNotifications Capacitor plugin and FCM to send the notifications, everything works fine until I want to send a Push Notification with both notification and data fields on Android.

What I want to do is to send a custom data with the notification and consume the notification on app resume. I am using PushNotifications.getDeliveredNotifications() method to get the notifications on resume, on iOS I get all the notifications with proper data, but on Android data property is replaced with the object below:

  body: "My Body",
  data: {
    android.appInfo: "ApplicationInfo{809371c app}",
    android.bigText: "My Body",
    android.progress: 0,
    android.progressIndeterminate: false,
    android.progressMax: 0,
    android.reduced.images: true,
    android.showChronometer: false,
    android.showWhen: true,
    android.template: "android.app.Notification$BigTextStyle",
    android.text: "My Body",
    android.title: "My Title",
    gameDndOn: false,
    specialType: "",
    topFullscreen: false,
    groupSummary: false,
    id: 0,
    title: "My Title"

I see in the FCM docs for Android apps that if both notification and data fields are present and the app is in the background the notification lands in the system tray and data in extras of the intent.

I am getting proper data when I tap on the notification, but in my case I want to get that on resume, without tapping on the notification.

Is there any way to get to that data in that case?

I have the same problem, did you find any solution?

Same problem, any solution ?

Just spent many hours trying to figure out bug in my code caused by the same discrepancy between returned data differences between getDeliveredNotifications() function and " pushNotificationActionPerformed" listener.

On screenshot both examples are from same notification and both methods should return instance of PushNotificationSchema but as seen the data structure is quite different

I don’t see any type error here. The notification and data keys in PushNotificationSchema are type any. It can vary depending on the push.