Pushing data to logged in user node in firebase

I am saving data to firebase. However, I want to save it to the logged in user node, at the moment the data is being saved to its own node. I have some code what I have been recommened which I thought would work.

this.diary = db.list(‘UID’);//this is where I think I am going wrong?
let user = firebase.auth().currentUser;

handler: data=> {
country: data.a,
city: data.b,
month: data.c,
day: data.d,
time: data.e

with the code above now I am getting the error ‘child does not exist on type firebaselistobservable’ ??

Any help would be great thanks.

You can’t use .child() on an AngularFireList.

.child() is a part of the JS SDK.

You’d want to do something like:

const user = firebase.auth().currentUser;
this.diary = db.object(`UID/${user.uid}/`);

handler: data => {
    // All the stuff you had inside

I have created it using your tutorial for the event list.

One an event has been created can a user edit or delete that?

My tutorial doesn’t use AngularFireList, it uses the regular JS SDK, so you’re creating a .child() on a .ref().

Yes, you need to program it to do that, I just show you how to create it because we cover the update part on the user profile section