Push page : reload query from firebase every time!


I have currently developed an application related to Firebase realtime database.

However, I’m having a problem loading data. Indeed, the application comes with a tabs with 4 main page which on each page I load data (profile picture, name, surname, etc …). This data loads correctly.

My problem occurs on the pages annexes, ie when for example I am on a page of the tabs and I click on a button that sends me on a push page (for example in the tabs I have a list of conversations and I can click on a specific conversation to see all the messages). Indeed every time I open this page it will redo all the requests that load the data of the page.

I have no problem with the tabs because it always remains in the background, but for the pages I would like to load the data only the first time I load the page.

This is a problem in the sense or if users go several times on the same page, it will be enormously loaded data

Thank you