Push notifications services - general

Hello Commandantp,

You can implement it for yourself but it is a time-consuming process. Bulk Push is among the leading Programming push notification service providers in the industry. We provide guides that are well structured to help you on how to integrate push notifications within a very short period. http://bulkpush.com/pushnotification/guidedetail/c-1002/remote-api-guide

Are you using this laravel plugin successfully?
If yes can you give me link of example app please?
I’m using this laravel plugin, but after request to api for notification, I get tag in the response body and I don’t get any notification on my device.

There is parse.com that’s easy to implement.
I need some service that will allow me to use both push notifications and real time chat. I need BaaS that’s combination of parse and firebase, so if anyone have some tips about that it would be nice to share with me.