Push notifications click action while app background and closed


I cant activate my app on notification clicking while app on background or closed

if (res.additionalData.foreground) {
      let confirmAlert = this.alertCtrl.create({
        title: 'New Notification',
        message: res.message,
        buttons: [{
          text: 'Ignore',
          role: 'cancel'
        }, {
          text: 'View',
          handler: () => {
            this.nav.push(ZakazitemPage, res.additionalData.order_id)
            console.log("Push notification ", {message: res});
    else {
      this.nav.push(OrderItemPage, res.additionalData.order_id)


whats wrong? maybe who can take me working example.


+1 I face the same problem as you


I am also facing same issue, any help on that ?


Im now use plugin v 1.3.0 its fine work for me on android