Push notifications: badge not removing on iOS

Since I migrated from Capacitor 3 to 4, the notification badge in iOS is not removed when calling removeAllDeliveredNotifications(). Android works fine.
Someone else having this problem?

I’m having, suddenly, the same problem and I’m not able to fix it.

Did you find any workaround?
The only “working” things is callind the removeAllDeliveredNotifications() inside another component after that all the app stuff are loaded. In my case that function is called everytime a user goes to the home page.

You could try to remove the notification badge with the Capacitor Badge plugin:

import { Badge } from '@capawesome/capacitor-badge';

const clear = async () => {
  await Badge.clear();

Any luck with this? I am unable to remove iOS badge number. I have tried removeAllDeliveredNotifications() every time the app reopens using the capacitor App plugin inside app.component.ts, I have tried sending a FCM notification with badge set at 0, even have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

I feel like this should be a pretty straight forward event. This renders my notifications useless. It breaks my app forever in the device.

I believe this plugin is for Android only? Let me know if it can be used for iOS