Push notification with WP rest api?

Hey guys!

I am fetching news in my app with wordpress rest api from my website. I am just wondering if anyone can tell me how could i implement a push notification when a new article is submitted on my site so the user can open the app and see the fresh news.

Onesignal would be good but i have no idea how to start this

Onesignal is for browsers, if you’re making an ionic app I’d imagine you’d want actual push notifications not browser notifications?

In which case this looks like a better option: https://wordpress.org/plugins/push-notifications-for-wp/

Ultimately you need a way to send push notifications from Wordpress. Once you have that you should be able to use the push Ionic Native plugin.

OneSignal is not only for browsers, it’s also for Ionic (and many more), check the docs of Ionic and OneSignal to know how to implement it :

Ionic documentation for OneSignal
OneSignal documentation for Ionic

Furthermore, there is an official plugin for Wordpress