Push Notification Problem

Here is the problem scenario

phonegap-plugin-push(plugin for push-notification)


  1. phonegap-plugin-push(push notification) is only working on cordova android @7.1.0 which register the device for push notification
  2. When we install cordova-android (latest version) the phonegap-plugin-push(push notification) is not registering device for push notification(with an error that shows that PushNotification plugin is not intall via developer tools console)


  1. if we have cordova-android version7.1.0 installed the push notification registering device works but whenever we are submiting it to google play store it shows this error:
    “Error: Failed to upload the APK /Users/runner/runners/2.168.2/work/r1/a/_PFM.Mobile.Dev1.FinLocker.Android/drop/app-release-unsigned.apk. Failed with message: Error: Your app currently targets API level 27 and must target at least API level 28…”
  2. if we have cordova-android latest version the push notification plugin does not registering device but since it is higher sdk it pass the submittion to the google play store

Is there any alternative push notification plugin we can use? or how can we resolve this