Push Notification not working when App is Closed

Hi i am using OneSignal module
> https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/onesignal/

Followed everything as per Docs. I am getting Notification when the app is open and in Background.

But push notification is not working when the app is closed/killed. How to Handle this?? Please help. Any solutions.

Any Workaround? Please

Did you search the forum yet? There are so many people asking this question, I am sure somewhere someone posted the correct answer. Please report back if you don’t find anything.

Ok Got the solution. its bcoz of the Custom ROMs in Mi , Huawei Devices. They kill GCM when user close the app. Other phones it works fine.

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Wow, that is nasty. But probably saves a lot of battery…

Same problem here but with Samsung, any solution?