Push notificacion ios

Try to follow this tutorial, really everything right in terms of configuration and certificates ios, but the last part including PHP code did not understand, someone could help me with this issue? I did not understand where was to go that php code, not the parameters that need to be replaced nor as send notifications.


You need to implement your own server somewhere, where that PHP code goes.
This server will receive the registrations from all your devices, and it is then from here that you will initiate sending of the PNs.

Look at the first figure in part 1 of the tutorial. We’re talking about the “server” in this figure.

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@JesperWe Yes, I am clear that should go in a server, I do not understand the tutorial, it’s parameters as

$Authorization: key

And also refer to the .php file on the server …

@sioesi I have been using ionicframeowrk since quite long and using push notifications for all platforms. Recently, I created a php script on Gist on GitHub of sending push notifications to Android, iOS and windows phone 8 devices. You can read more about it in my blog post.

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