Push messages: Can I activate them on app update without app start

I implemented firebase push notifications to my Ionic / Capacitor app with the official tutorial: Capacitor - build cross platform apps with the web

The push notification listeners are add in an Ionic/Angular service when starting the app. But what if a user installed the app months ago, and does not open it anymore. Android does the automatic app update. But the push message thing is activated only when the user starts the app, right?

Is it possible to activate push messages for users, who did not start the app for a longer time?

No, the user needs to open the app at least once, because on the first “start” the push notification service gets the device token.


Ok, thank you.

Maybe that should be notices somewhere in the Ionic Docs, in the get started tutorial or something like that. I did not have much experience with App development, and I`m unable to reach more than half of the 7000 People who downloaded my app now with push messages. Should have implemented it from the beginning… :grimacing: Well, you never stop learning :nerd_face:

If the users are registered you can try reaching them by email