Push Local Notifications


Hi All, I’ve been trying to sort this all out and it’s very complex. I want to be able to set the badge, and push notifications with iOS and Android.

I see things like the ngCordova api - however, I don’t see much here in ionic on how to, or if I should be using it - is everything in ngCordova api in Ionic ? Some explanation there would really help.

Then secondly, it appears I need to have some push certificates on iOS and Android for this to work - again, extremely complex - there are a few guides, but all are different and none worked in the end for me.

I tried setting up a PushWoosh account - I followed it - but had errors about not being able to registered - and the pushnotification object was undefined, etc…

I have a nearly out of the box ionic solution built with the tabs template.

It would seem a big win for Ionic to include some sort of guide on how to do this - heck if someone could help me sort through it I’d write one, but I am grasping for straws - there is much expected to be known here that is confusing.

Sorry for long request, but is there any sort of tutorial or walk-through that works out there for Ionic ?


I’m not sure on most of your questions :wink:

But… ngCordova is optional to be used in ionic, it is not included in the framework - and I think it shouldn’t be. You could just load the ngcordova js files in your index.html and you need to inject the ngcordova factory in your angular app so you’d have acces to it’s functionality :wink:

I’ve never seen thorough tutorials for your toher questiosn though… Never searched much for it either :slight_smile:


You might need to clarify - you mention ‘Local Notification’, but then mention a variety of Push Notification vendors. The two types of notifications are entirely different beasts.

If you meant Local Notifications, yes there are a shortage of articles and ‘how tos’, but I recently replied to a thread here which had some useful tips and info. Let me know and I will try and dig up the link. The thread actually helped me immensely with implementing Local Notifications in my Ionic app.


Yes, I did say ‘local’ in the header but then described something else in the body - my mistake.

Maybe it’s a matter of explaining better and I’m wondering perhaps if it’s an easier route to just use Phonegap Build to handle the issues around the build certificates, etc…

Basically I’m wanting to be able to set badge icons and be able to push messages to the phone.

NgAngular has some push notification javascript code, but it doesn’t really go too much into how to set this up to, ie. hit a service like PushWoosh, etc…

One of the core items of the app I’m building is to be able to send out notifications (ie. schedule changes, etc…)