Pull up footer

hi, i want to have a pull up footer in my project, so i used ion-pull-up-footer from http://arielfaur.github.io/ionic-pullup/index.v1.html, but when use it, get some error:
TypeError: undefined is not a function
at computeDefaultHeights (file:///android_asset/www/lib/ionic-drawer/ion-pullup.js:65:31)

who can help me?
any idea?
any plugin?
any new directive?

one more thing… i have no time :confused: :smile:

tnx for no reply :expressionless:

Can you share the code. At which point you are getting the error. Have you added the dependency?
I downloaded the zip file from your link and its working perfectly.
Check your ionic version, if needed update it.
npm install -g ionic
Make sure you are using the latest pullup.js file