Pull to refress issue


Error with v1.0.0-beta.4

Error: [$compile:ctreq] Controller ‘$ionicScroll’, required by directive ‘ionRefresher’, can’t be found!
pull to refresh is not working

Internet Explorer
When i do the pull to refresh. pull down is working but put up is not working. if i do pull to refresh 5 times. content is getting down five time but not up.
How can i resolved this???


What does your code look like? Is your pull-to-refresh tag at the correct position within the markup (take a look at docs)?


Keep in mind that desktop browsers are not supported with Ionic. Generally, Chrome and Safari are the only browsers that should be relied on for testing.

Ionic is focused on building native/hybrid mobile apps rather than mobile websites

Firefox doesn’t scroll at all for me on this sample : http://codepen.io/ionic/pen/mqolp

I can’t test with IE.