Publishing an Ionic-3 app to Android Store

Hi there, I created a release version of my APK, and then followed to try to publish an app, but I am getting the following error:
You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature (learn more about signing). Error from apksigner: ERROR (Jar signer xxx.RSA): JAR signature META-INF/xxx.RSA uses digest algorithm SHA-256 and signature algorithm RSA which is not supported on API Level(s) 16-17 for which this APK is being verified.

Any help will be appreciated!

It seems you try to sign the Package with an invalid algorithm, instead of using SHA1withRSA use this SHA1with*.

Since you are using a very old version of Android you have to use older methods of signing.

Hope this helps! :rabbit2:

Thanks for the reply, but I sense some confusion. I am not using very old version of Android.
I just developed my Ionic app using Ionic-3 (within last 3 months, and I am new to Android development), so I am not sure how I can be using the very old version of Android.

I just need to know where to go to, to find the latest documentation to publish (if there is any) for publishing a latest Ionic-3 app to latest Android!

Well it seems that you are using an older SDK, what you can do is to upgrade your SDK via the SDK manager.

What I would recommend you to get is this version else if this version gives you also errors try version 27:

After you installed the package make sure you got the Android SDK Built-tools also installed.

Then you can start with the Guide you already posted. :slight_smile:

I read that Google deprecated using RSA algorithm for building keystore.
Here is the link:

Given this article, I have a feeling that this is the command which is
causing the problem.

keytool -genkey -v -keystore planetcal.keystore -alias PlanetCal -keyalg
RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

For password: I used “Testing123”

Anyway, about my installed versions (I believe they are latest):
I installed Android Studio a few days back, and this is what I see at my
end, which looks fairly latest to me!

Also, the build tools version I am using for is 27.0.3 (For ZipAlign tool).