Property 'updateValue' does not exist on type 'FormControl'


Hello, all! After migrate from ionic 2 beta 11 to rc0 I got error when I starts ionic serve

Property ‘updateValue’ does not exist on type ‘FormControl’

On beta 11 this code works fine. What’s wrong? Please help!

my code:

<ion-item><ion-input type="text" [formControl]="myCity"ion-input></ion-item>


import {FormControl} from '@angular/forms';
export class HomePage {
  myCity: FormControl;
  constructor () {
    this.myCity = new FormControl();
  updateVal () {


Try with setValue.


thanks! no error anymore. But now my app say me that ‘ion-pane’ is not a known element! No any info about ion-pane in changelog for rc0.


Worked for me like charming.