Property 'subscribe' does not exist on type 'MediaObject'

Hello I am i got stucked with my code with the error of Property 'subscribe' does not exist on type 'MediaObject'

Here is my code showing what im doing, and if someone could tell me what Im doing wrong and how to solve this issue. Thanks.

import { Media, MediaObject } from '@ionic-native/media/ngx';

  currentTrack: MediaObject = null;
constructor(private storage:Storage, private spotifyService:SpotifyApiService,private appConfig: AppConfigServiceService
  , private media: Media) { }
this.currentTrack =[0][3].track.preview_url);
    this.currentTrack.subscribe(status => console.log(status)); // fires when file status changes;

Oh well i just realised i wasnt adding the onStatusUpdate to the MediaObject please close this post.