Property 'getItems' does not exist on type 'DashboardPage' during ionic build


Hi, I’m getting an error in the build for iOS or android. For example, running ‘$ ionic build ios’, fails after linting with the following errors:

[09:02:56]  Error: Error at /Users/timcurchod/prototype-2/.tmp/pages/dashboard/dashboard.ngfactory.ts:359:42 
[09:02:56]  Property 'getItems' does not exist on type 'DashboardPage'. 

This error occurs for every page that has the search bar:

<ion-searchbar (ionInput)="getItems($event)"></ion-searchbar>

Commenting all those out solves the build problem. But we need that search bar!
Any help would be appreciated.


Sorry, this looks like it’s because, as part of the header that was included on all pages, some pages do not implement the getItems() function in the component. During ‘$ ionic serve’ there are no errors, but these errors show up during the build. Hope this helps someone else.