Property 'getActiveNav' does not exist on type 'App'. ionic-angular 3.5.2

Hi all ! Could anyone suggest please … after update ionic-angular to 3.5.2 - build failed … Property ‘getActiveNav’ does not exist on type ‘App’. Where to see changes and what use now ?

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Please show us the code where you use getActiveNav.
Also post your ionic info output.

Sujan12, good day !

import { App} from 'ionic-angular';

  let navig =;
      if (navig.canGoBack()) {
        if (this.updateNewProvider.updateInProgress) {
        } else {
          if (this.confirm != undefined){
          }else {

Your system information:

Сordova CLI: 7.0.1
Ionic Framework Version: 3.5.2
Ionic CLI Version: 2.2.2
Ionic App Lib Version: 2.2.1
Ionic App Scripts Version: 2.0.2
ios-deploy version: Not installed
ios-sim version: Not installed
OS: Windows 7
Node Version: v6.9.0
Xcode version: Not installed

Do you also define app in the constructor to be of type App?
What do you get on console.log( before let navig?

getActiveNav() was deleted in Ionic 3.5.2

in my case I replaced the code with getRootNav() which is unfortunately marked as deprecated (I don’t use tabs)

P.S.: About this deprecation getRootNav() deprecated, use getRootNavById(): what's the value of the root nav id?

reedrichards, is helps, thanks …

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Opened this issue regarding the deletion of active nav:

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Hi all,

Whoops, I am really sorry about that. We should not have deleted this method. I think I must have been using the refactoring tools in VS Code and that’s why I didn’t notice. I will put this back in and release a patch today.

Once again I’m very sorry.



3.5.3 was published yesterday, is back :slight_smile:

Thx @danbucholtz!

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