Proper tab routing for a home screen and avoiding a large navigation stack

I’m looking for the proper way to set up my navigation and states to avoid the following issue and have a useful navigation stack. I have three tabs, home, login, and filters as well as a splash page. If I navigate from say: splash -> home -> filters -> home -> login -> home when I use the back button in the browser (or android’s system back) it’ll go all the way from home -> login -> home -> filters -> home -> splash. I’d like it treat the home page as a home page with no history attached to it. When navigating back after splash -> home -> filters -> home -> login it should be login -> home and that’s the end of it.

I posted this as a Stack Overflow question with my corresponding code and got one hack-ish response which I’d like to avoid. There’s also this question although I’m not sure that’ll work once the tabs have their own sub views (ex: or filters.sports).