Prompt Location dialog



If the device’s location service is disabled, is it possible to prompt a dialog to enable it whenever the app wants to access it ?
Something like this:



Anyone ? Even asking to open the settings would be a start.


Check to make sure you have the cordova-compat plugin installed.

ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-compat --save

This will handle runtime permission checks and prompt the user to allow them


I do: cordova-plugin-compat 1.1.0 "Compat" yet no dialog appears. Should I add anything to my code ?


Hmmm, are you turning off the permission for the app or the whole device?


Do you mean on my device’s app manager ? Permssions are on there.
Or is there a permission to add to the code ?


i use the diagnostic plugin for this, works great:


Works fine eventhough it opens the settings and does not simply prompt a dialog.
But will do for now, thank you!


You can use cordova-plugin-request-location-accuracy plugin to display the native location dialog without needing to switch to settings (as noted in the documentation for switchToLocationSettings())


Guess I didn’t dig enough. Works fine, thanks you.


54%20AM how to implment this type of prompt in ionic3


Even I am looking for the same…


Hi @Jhapriti09

Did you get change to achieve this think? , I need same three option in location prompt, If yes please let me know.
Thank you.


No if you have idea plz let me know.