Programatically disable button in the ionicPopup

Is there a way to programatically disable button in the ionicPopup? I have a texbox there and want the button be disabled till user enters some text in it.

It really can’t be done? :frowning: Thank you for any hint.

You could do this

There’s an open issue for expanding the popups to allow more attributes, but this should work for the time being


The “attr” option is the planned feature and shouldn’t work now, right?

It is one of a few options we are considering. Right it is not available right now

Has there been any undocumented changes to allow the confirm button to be disabled in a popup? Putting them in the template causes them to disappear if the keyboard appears and the popup needs to scroll.

Hi, (sorry for my english) I’m new in Ionic, and for application development, I need NOT modal. there is some possibility that “under” the modal, the button “show” to continue enabled another click?