Production ready ionic app: How to?


Hi all,

I’m going through the process of making my app “production ready”.
Meaning, concat all my files, minify, uglify, browserify, and templatecache.

I am really new to gulp, grunt, cordova hooks etc.

I found billions of tutorials on internet on how to do it, all with different ways, different gulpfile.js, some even without, and to be honest: I AM LOST.

What is the most updated way to do it? is there anything that doesn’t need to customize a lot the files?
I have the basic ionic structure, there must be a way to do all of it without going through so much pain, no?

If anyone could help / guide me, I would really appreciate.


ionic build --release should do all gulp task to make a production ready build.

If you are building for upload the app to a store like Google Play or AppStore, you must sing and align the app before the upload.

Here is explained in case of signing an android app.


Thanks for taking the time to answer.

However ionic build --release does none of the task I want it to, like concat, uglify, etc.

I am already familiar with signing an app etc, my app is actually already on the store.

I just wanted it to be lighter, faster, and safer using all these gulp tools.