--prod --release hides tab icons

there’s a problem with cordova build ios --prod --release, it hides the inactive icons as shown bellow…
but when I build the project without --prod --release they can be seen!

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Is there any way you could provide a small demo of this?
How can we recreate/debug

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Any updates on this?

No, because there is nothing more than an image of this problem. No way to recreate it, no idea what code is behind it - nobody (not we here and not Ionic) can do anything about that. We need a recreation that we can test.

well that problem is splitted of one of my topics:

And that topic based on my Tutorial from here:

So I think the best way to reproduce is to use the code in my Tutorial because thats the Code he probably used and I used as well. And I got the same problem. I guess all which used my tutorial will get this problem if they update the code.
The Code of my Tutorial is complete so you can easily reproduce

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Both of these topics are marked as “solved” and not only about this problem.
Create a new topic that includes a full description of the problem and a way to reproduce it (quickly).

Is there a Github issue for Ionic about the problem?
If not create one, so the devs become aware of it. Should contain the same information as the forum topic.

it happens to me too. then i saw your tutorial again,
i think he misses to put the “outline” for inactive icons.
I hope this makes sense.

I found the solution here

.tabs-md, .tabs-ios {
        .tab-button-icon[ng-reflect-name=ICON NAME], .tab-button-icon[aria-label="ICON NAME"] {
            background-image: url('../assets/ICON NAME.active.png');
        .tab-button-icon[ng-reflect-name=ICON NAME], .tab-button-icon[aria-label="ICON NAME"] {
            background-image: url('../assets/ICON NAME.inactive.png');
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This solution works!