Problems with TTS plugin from cordova

Hi, im actually doing a project with a friend. The project is about a turism app, so we wanted to introduce something like a audioguide. So we did the first step that is reproduce a text with the method speak(). That works succesfully but when we try to stop it (doing it when ionViewDidLeave), that never stop… I tried to depure the app with Chrome and i got this message:

Native: tried calling Text To Speech.stop, but the Text To Speech plugin is not installed.
Install the Text To Speech plugin: ‘ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-tts’

I can’t understand that error because the method speak() is working. Whatever i tried to reinstalling the plugin again and i continue getting the same error.

Why is this happening?

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Same thing is happening for me.

Found this:

What is the use of stop() if pass null in speak