Problems with http.get calls from Android emulation/device

Hi All,

I’m having problems with http.get in my ionic app when I test it in android emulate or in my device. In iOs emulator, and in my pc web browser is running. The problem is that the http.get is not working, I don’t know what, I try to follow the error in logcat but it is impossible to read anything there…

The first code where I doing a http get call to my API is in userService that is a Factory where I have all the operations related with the User.

 login: function (user, callback, errorCallback) {

        var url = $rootScope.backend + '/userlogin';

        var login = $http.get(url + '?email=' + + '&password=' + user.password);
        login.success(function (data) {
            $localStorage.setObject('user', data.user);
            $localStorage.setObject('token', data.token);
        return login;

this login function is calle in LoginController

$scope.login = function () {
        userService.login($scope.user).success(function(result) {

Any ideas?
Thanks for your help buddies.

For first look, it can be problem with CORS? This is very common problem for managing external resources.

CORS can’t be the problem here because with iOS is working. The problem started when I installed the InAppBrowser plugin, I tried to remove it but the problem is persisting…