Problems to try APP in Mobile thto go to WebAPI (C#)


I have my app on m android device. This app go to WebApi Controller, on C#, to get datas. But the problem is that I can’t access to m API. This API stay on IIS.

For testing it from local, I needed enable cors with the url http://localhost:8100, but I don’t know what I need for enable from mobile or If the problem was other.

Someone can help me?


Are you using IISExpress or native IIS?

Can you access your WebAPI service from anything else like postman?

Yes, can access to my app for example if i write the url in the explorer

I think your device is trying make requests to http://localhost:8100

Did you try change localhost by IP address, like http://192.168.0.x:8100 ?

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From safari from your iPhone / chrome from your android?

Solved. The problem was in one rute of my webConfig, sorry and thanks for all!

Now, maybe the problem is when I will upload the application to Google Play. I will tell you when in a while I try this. Thank you all

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