Problems installing ionic

New to Ionic, have been following tutorial, I already had the Android SDK and the JAVA downloaded. I have hit a problem when using the command “npm install -g ionic” , I first ran this command “npm install -g cordova ionic” which install cordova and it seems to be there. Here is the output from running the command Link if there is any other information needed let me know, any help is appreciated.


Update(nothing good)
I have downloaded the Ionic Tab Template for VS 2015, installed it and tried to run it. here is the log for that FILE it did not build correct having some failurs in reference to MYSQL (not sure why havent added a thing to the template).

There are several issues with node 4.x and 5.x on Windows, try node 0.12.x

You have even issues on linux with node 5.x but it works with the latest 4.2.1 release.