Problem with the implemention push notifications using mixpanel

I’m trying to implement an app that will use two features of the mixpanel:

  1. Track activity and analytics
  2. Work with push notifications (creating/tracking)

For first task I’m using [angular-mixpanel][1] module and it works perfectly. But I cant use the same module for the second task because this module has no methods needed for push notifications. First I want connect push notifications for Android. [Mixpanel guide for Android][2] contains sample of code to handle registration:

public void registerPush(GoogleCloudMessaging gcm){
    String registrationId = gcm.register("YOUR_SENDER_ID");
    MixpanelAPI.People people = mMixpanel.getPeople();

I found only two plugins which can regiser token for push notifications (`people.setPushRegistrationId()`):

 - [cordova-mixpanel][3]
  this one looks good but lacks Android support.
 - [cordova-mixpanel-plugin][4]
  this plugin has the method `window.mixpanel.people.setPushId()` but I it doesn't works. I tried send push notifications  to my device using mixpanel account, but I get no any result.

I'm sure what I used correctly all data (Google Cloud Messaging token, mixpanel app token and etc.) because tracking activity works correctly and I see data in the mixpanel. I think my device can't register in the mixpanel for notifications. I don't know how I can check it.

What do you think about it? Has someone solved the similar problem? 

I will be glad of any information. If you have something you'd like to share, please send me an email at 

Thanks in advance!



First, I am using mixpanel alone, with the javascript SDK (it is working well )

But, I am not using the push system of mixpanel, nevertheless I guess you can use the cordova push plugin, and once you get the token of the device, you can call the setPushRegistrationId of mixpanel?

Hope this help.

Do you mean ?

Yes. You can wait the

push.on(‘registration’, function(data) {
// data.registrationId

and set the user on mixpanel

The solution.

My goal was using mixpanel module manage notifications. I wrote above which problems I have received.

In result I decided to use phonegap-plugin-push ( It best to use it because:

  1. You can find more information about almost all problems of this plugin
  2. I have created a separated angular service which works only with notifications. And I used this service in many my projects.

Conclusion: for every task try to use a special tools. For analytics - a plugin for analytics, for notifications - a plugin for push notifications. And then you will have less problems.

Good luck