Problem with sub pages navigation in tabs

I’m a problem navigating sub pages using tabs
This is my app-root where I nested the component app-company-details under app-companies
If the user go to /companies -> app-companies it’s shown
if the user go to /companies/details -> should appear app-company-details. By the way this don’t work properly because app-companies appears instead of app-company-details.

I’ve followed the ion conference app demo here and I think that my code it’s the same that the one in the demo (schedule case).
I’m stuck on this and I don’t understand…

<ion-router useHash={false}>
        <ion-route-redirect from="/" to="/home" />
        <ion-route component="app-tabs">
          <ion-route url="/companies" component="tab-companies">
            <ion-route component="app-companies"></ion-route>
            <ion-route url="/details" component="app-company-details"></ion-route>