Problem with navigation and sign in page


HI all

Thanks for working on this great framework. I’m having troubles trying to understand why this example doesn’t work.

What I’m trying to achieve is having a initial screen where the user signs in (I need to get a token from an OAuth server) and then load the application.

The problem is that when I load the second screen, the user can go back to the sign in with the back button. I want the navigation to start there, that should be the first item in the queue. How can I achieve that?

Also, I don’t know why but my navigation is not working. When I click on a person, I go back to the Sign in (the router must be going to the default route, I don’t see why it doesn’t match the detail state).

Thanks for any feedback!



Yes, that’s where I inherited the code from, but I don’t have tabs. I want to achieve the same but my main page doesn’t have tabs, just a single list with a detail page.


Thanks @aaronksaunders

To anyone interested, I solved it by clearing the history, as stated here: Best way to navigation after login