Problem with local image files. Ionic 3.

I ran into a wall with images stored in apps’ dataDirectory. I’m copying camera images to this directory and later want to retrieve them and show them in the view. I’ve managed to get it to work with readAsDataURL from the file plugin, but that gives me base64 and for some reason sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t (promise never resolves), and isn’t really an option anyway.

So, I downgraded my webview to @1.2.1 and used “cordova clean android”. Sure enough, it works when retrieving an image from dataDirectory by path and the view allows this resource, but now all of my app images aren’t showing. That is, everything’s fine via ionic serve in chrome, but when I do “ionic cordova build android” and run it on a phone, all of my app images are missing. Do I put the images somewhere else ? When I go back to @webview 2.1.4 everything is fine again.
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