Problem with IonicStorageModule

I have an error when I tried to import IonicStorageModule.forRoot() in my app.module.ts. Previusly I installed it with ‘npm install @ionic/storage-angular’, the error say ‘…‘IonicStorageModule’ does not appear to be an NgModule class.(-996002)…’ and then other advices, like check if it is a new version, consult the authors, etc. The version is the last, 3.0.6. My ionic version is V6, angular v15.
Should I have to use another library?
Thanks for your attention.

npm i @ionic/storage@2.3.0 --save

If didn’t work then user capacitor storage. Follow these documentations

Storage | Capacitor Documentation

Hi, thanks for your help. At last the problem was solved…very simple solution…reset the app!..:muscle::smile:

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What do you mean “reset the app”?