Problem with Ionic iBeacon

Hi guys, currently I’m trying to build a small app which is used to scan for iBeacon devices. (Btw I want to make it clear that I’m quite new to this iBeacon technology and Ionic Framework). The app will scan and get the UUID, Minor and Major of the iBeacon.

I started with online tutorials and GitHub repos, but all of them seem outdated. Then I get back to the ionic iBeacon documentation and, yes, tried to make something work at least.

So this are my 2 main problems:


I followed all the steps to install the required cordova-plugin plus everything is imported into the home.ts and app.module.ts. About my code, it is just the mimic of the documentation’s Usage.

I would be appreciate if anyone can suggest me a solution for this. This is getting frustrated as I’m already stuck at the beginning.