Problem with <ion-tabs> on ios platform

Hi guys, I have small issue wish you can help me to solve it

As you see in this picture (there is a space between my list and tabs header)


how can I make it such as android ?

  • I don’t want to publish my work for ios users without fix this problem
  • & I’m not sure is the problem happens only on browser or on all ios devices

Wish any helps from ios developers or any one who can help me

maybe it’s not a problem - but a design decision for ios. I suggest inspecting the element and modifying the css to fit your needs - otherwise you could just force the app on ios to be displayed in material design mode (idk if this is a good idea with the review from apple and so on, but it could be an solution)

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Thanks for ur reply…

Basically I think this happens on browser only… maybe the problem fixed in really device but unfortunately I don’t have an iphone to test it

Do you have a mac to run it in an simulation? or do your friends have iphones that you can invite on a beta testflight program before publishing the app?

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I don’t have mac … but ur 2nd solution is better and faster … thanks for help