Problem with Google Maps "TypeError:Can not read property" What is the root cause?

Question: Maybe someone can help me to find the root cause?

The error message i got follow error:

What I did?
I followed the steps available on!/use

  1. bower install angular-google-maps (done)

  2. Load lodash.js and angular-google.maps.js into your HTML page (done)

  3. Include the Google Maps API v3, via one of two ways** (done)**

  4. Make your application module depend on the uiGmapgoogle-maps module: (done)

  5. Add a element in your template like so: (done)

  6. specify an height via CSS for the map container: done

We found the problem in the controller:

.controller(‘DetailsGeoCtrl’,function($scope, $state, uiGmapGoogleMapApi) {

  • console.log(‘NOW DetailsGeoCtrl!!!’, ExchangeData.cloudant);*

a parameter *“ExchangeData” *was missing!
Now it works!